Contemporary British Painting Exhibition, Norwich

Contemporary British Painting Exhibition, Norwich
April 27, 2019 amanda

Amanda Ansell Same Patch. 34 Painters. Installation photo with Mary Webb.

Amanda Ansell is showing ‘Same Patch’ in the Contemporary British Painting show, ‘an exhibition of 34-painters’ at The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral. 
The show is coordinated by Barbara Howey and Molly Thomson.

Introductory statement:
“What is evident from the work on show is the breadth and scope of approaches to painting. The durability and continuing relevance of painting throughout the centuries is down to its responsiveness to a changing world and its endless ability for reinvention. This exhibition shows that the artists are conscious of painting’s long, rich past but what makes these paintings contemporary is that they take the conventions abundant in the history of painting and rework them through the lens of contemporary experience.”

There is a full catalogue to accompany the exhibition which can be downloaded here.

The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral, The Close, Norwich NR1 4DH.
Exhibition continues until Thursday 16th May.

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Same Patch. Oil on canvas. 30x28cm.