#curating for corona 

#curating for corona 
April 30, 2020 amanda

Amanda Ansell. Supernova_oil on canvas, 2020_30x30cmIn this time of need and isolation, Kath & Company is curating the online exhibition #curatingforcorona. The selected works are being circulated daily via Facebook and Instagram (@kathandcompany).

Company Founder, Kath Wood says, “Works are selected with those in isolation and those suffering in mind. The aim is to show a new view of the world, give us respite, a moment of new reflection and contemplation. At the end we will have a really interesting body of work reflecting the times we have lived through.”  

Amanda Ansell’s painting ‘Supernova’ has been chosen for the #curatingforcorona online project. Supernova represents a contemplation for the extraordinary times we are living in. Here oil paint is applied wet-in-wet and reworked repeatedly so that former layers of paint are interrupted and move into a new order. Amanda comments, “Supernova is a disruptive event, creating ‘ripples in the fabric of space and time’.”

Amanda Ansell. ‘Supernova’, 2020.
Oil on canvas. 30x30cm.