Group exhibition, Gdansk, Poland

Group exhibition, Gdansk, Poland
January 5, 2019 amanda

Amanda Ansell’s painting ‘Rock’ from the Bubble Island’s Series, will be featured in a new exhibition at The Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsk. The exhibition is titled ‘Made in Britain’ and features work from the Priseman Seabrook Collection. The exhibition will take place over three floors at The Green Gate Galleries, in the heart of the city.
‘Made in Britain: 82 Painters of the 21st Century’ runs from the 14th March to 2nd June 2019. There will be a number of talks and exchanges with the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts during this time. More information and catalogue to be announced.

Made in Britain | 82 Painters of the 21st Century | The National Museum, Gdansk 
14 March – 2 June 2019 
Curated by Robert Priseman, Anna McNay, Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka and Małgorzata Ruszkowska-Macur

Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsk, Green Gate, ul. Długi Targ 24, 80-828 Gdańsk.

Artists: David Ainley, Iain Andrews, Amanda Ansell, Louis Appleby, Richard Baker, Karl Bielik, Claudia Böse, John Brennan, Julian Brown, Simon Burton, Ruth Calland, Emma Cameron , Simon Carter, Maria Chevska, Jules Clarke, Wayne Clough, Ben Coode-Adams, Ben Cove, Lucy Bernadette Cox, Andrew Crane, Pen Dalton, Alan Davie, Jeffrey Dennis, Lisa Denyer, Sam Douglas, Annabel Dover, Natalie Dowse, Fiona Eastwood, Nathan Eastwood, Tracey Emin, Geraint Evans, Paul Galyer, Pippa Gatty, Terry Greene, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Alex Hanna, David Hockney, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Phil Illingworth, Linda Ingham, Silvie Jacobi, Kelly Jayne, Matthew Krishanu, Bryan Lavelle, Andrew Litten, Cathy Lomax, Paula MacArthur, David Manley, Enzo Marra, Monica Metsers, Nicholas Middleton, Andrew Munoz, Keith Murdoch, Paul Newman, Stephen Newton, Gideon Pain, Andrew Parkinson, Mandy Payne, Charley Peters, Ruth Philo, Alison Pilkington, Narbi Price, Robert Priseman, Freya Purdue, James Quin, Greg Rook, Katherine Russell, Stephen Snoddy, Ben Snowden, David Sullivan, Harvey Taylor, Molly Thomson, Ehryn Torrell, Judith Tucker, Philip Tyler, Julie Umerle, Marius Von Brasch, Mary Webb, Sean Williams, Fionn Wilson