Just One More Thing Exhibition

Just One More Thing Exhibition
September 1, 2019 amanda

“There’s just one more thing,” said the famous TV detective Lieutenant Columbo.

This phrase or some variant of this catchphrase was often the prerequisite to the most important question that Columbo needed to ask. This pivotal question told the suspect that all the clues had been pasted together. 
The artists in this show demonstrate a commitment to their own creative interrogation and to some unfinished business. The exhibiting artists are: Amanda Ansell,  Claudia Boese, Karen Densham, Hayley Field, Joanna Whittle, Hannah Wright

Amanda Ansell will be exhibiting a collection of line drawings for the first time. Here, Amanda asks ‘What is a painting compared to the activity of painting and the process which leads up to the formation of a painting? Her line drawings reveal a connection between the act of drawing and the endeavour of making a painting. In fact, Amanda reveals that these drawings have until now always been for her eyes only, and many have been discarded as part of the process.

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asylum studios gallery 
Asylum Studios, E2, Building 118, Bentwaters Park, Rendlesham, Suffolk. IP12 2TZ 

Launch Party: Sunday 22nd September, 3pm – 6pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday 20th September – Sunday 29th September 2019
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11am – 4pm or by appointment

For ‘by appointment’ weekly visits, please call Emma Withers on 07984 376346

Making The Rounds. Oil on Canvas. 30 x 30cm.