Selected for Cley 20 nowhere

Selected for Cley 20 nowhere
February 22, 2020 amanda

Amanda Ansell has been selected for Cley 20 – an annual contemporary art exhibition that takes place in Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. The exhibition and events programme are organised by Cley Contemporary Arts, part of the North Norfolk Exhibition Project. This year’s exhibition curator is Amanda Geitner who has selected artists for Cley 20 to display work across three venues: St Margaret’s Church, Norfolk Wildlife Trust visitor centre and the beach at Cley-next-the-Sea. Amanda Geitner introduces her theme as nowhere and states the following:
nowhere: not in or to anyplace, not anywhere – nowhere is now here 
For both natives and newcomers, it is possible to feel defined not by where you are now, but by where you have been, by your other places. Nowhere is not this or any place – or perhaps we live in the middle of it. Close by, under the bridge in Wiveton or along Nowhere Lane, you might be ‘going nowhere’.  
Cley 20 nowhere embraces work that signals our psychological spaces, exhibited here temporarily, but ultimately belonging everywhere and nowhere – work that brings our attention firmly back to the now here. 

Amanda Ansell painting for Cley20. Watch the Shadows Grow_oil on canvas, 2020_81x92cm
Amanda Ansell says, “My interest in Cley 20 nowhere lies in my continuing inquiry into my own sense of place through a series of gestural abstract works. My paintings are not fixed to any one moment or a specific place.  
When making my paintings I employ a repetitive process where I re-configuring primitive line drawings that I’ve made out in the landscape. Each line is portrayed one at a time using a thin layer of oil paint. The colours are applied wet-in-wet and reworked several times. This method of making betrays the haze of memory and nostalgia.  
With the final piece, I want to engage the viewer in the contemplation of gestural abstraction where many coats of paint give structure to a feeling of what lies beneath and beyond. I’m looking for a constant shift between the painting’s affinity with landscape and the lexicon of gestural painting.” 
The exhibition is due to open to the public from Thursday 2nd July until Sunday 2nd August 2020. Further information on the venues and special events can be found on the Cley Contemporary Art website:

The artists for Cley 20 nowhere are:
Jules Allen, Kate Allsop & Love Light Power, Amanda Ansell, Nick Ball, Martin Battye, Emma Blount, Esther Boehm, Desmond Brett, Margie Britz, Hazel Burgess, Jess Burgess, Ruth Butler, Alistair Carr, James Castle, Mark Cator, Lara Cobden, James Colman, Kathryn Cooper, Alan Cossins, John Cox & Oliver Rivier,Paul Ebbens & Peter Swann, Cecily Eno,Gwyneth Fitzmaurice, Kate Giles, Alison Griffin, Beth Groom, Joe Hedinger & James Kessel,l Alison Henry, Bridget Heriz, Craig Hudson, Chris Jackson, Frances Kearney, Lizzie Kimbley, Annette Kreiser, Sara Lamb, Chloe Mandy, Mark Mann, Imi Maufe, Sue Maufe,  Niki Medlik, Richard Mills, Alison Mitchell, Derek Morris, Stuart Mugridge, Verity Newman, Ruth Philo, Joy Pitts, Frances Prokofiev, Fiona Roberts, Tom Robinson, Lizzy Sainsbury, Siemon Scamell-Katz, Gordon Senior, Jill Sharpe, Sarah Smith, Nessie Stonebridge, Marion Stuart, Kate Walker, Philip Walmsley, Cass Wedd, Trevor Weinle, Eleanor Wood

Watch the Shadows Grow. 82x92cm. Oil on canvas.