2020       Vitalistic Fantasies

2020       Yes/No. Virtual Open Studio

2019       An Exhibition of 34 Painters

2019       Made in Britain: 82 Painters of the 21st Century

2019       Ideal Boundary Sino-British Contemporary Art Exhibition

2018       New Painting

2018       The First Biennial Sino-British Contemporary Art Exhibition

2018       Beep Painting Biennial

2017       Drawing into Landscape

2017       Amanda Ansell: Rearranging Curves

2017       Contemporary Masters from Britain: 80 Painters of the 21st Century

2017       Contemporary Masters from the East of England

2016       PING, The Minories Galleries

2015       The London Group

2014       Priseman Seabrook Collection

2014       @PaintBritain, 45 Contemporary Painters

2014       Easterlies, Abbey Walk Gallery

2006      Kettle’s Yard Open

2001      Vertigo Gallery Artists


“My paintings are made in response to intimate spaces, watery places. The pictures are constructed through a layering system, building up films of paint which come together to create an image of contemplation. I am interested in the translucency of materials, delicate details and variations in the overlapping of colour; the point at which two different fields meet and touch. Sometimes the painting becomes very physical in appearance, where some layers merge and mix together and others rest on top. The aim, through this process, is to evoke the feeling of what lies beneath. By pursuing a formative harmony, I am seeking to give a new often purely abstract form for the environment around me.”