Watercolours for China exhibition

Watercolours for China exhibition
September 1, 2018 amanda

Amanda Ansell_Riverine 4_watercolour_48x42cm

Amanda Ansell will be showing a new series of watercolours in China this September / October. The artworks titled ‘Riverine Series’ 1-10 are watercolour on bamboo paper, measuring 48cm x 42cm. The Riverine series has been made especially for the exhibitions at Yantai Art Museum and Yantai City Art Museum, Shandong Province.

Amanda Ansell will travel to China for the opening ceremony and cultural exchange activities in late September. This project is supported with a travel grant from the British Council UK-China Connections through Culture Scheme.

For this series, Amanda has worked from small drawings that are made directly out in the landscape, or from looking at photographs. These images evolve by photocopying or re-drawing the original formations. In contrast to her oil paintings where paint is layered and washed away, repeated, manipulated, and painted over; these new watercolour paintings display a flat graphic style, with more emphasis on the moment of interaction.

Riverine 1. Watercolour on Bamboo Paper. 48x42cm.
Riverine 2. Watercolour on Bamboo Paper. 48x42cm.
Riverine 3. Watercolour on Bamboo Paper. 48x42cm.
Riverine 4. Watercolour on Bamboo Paper. 48x42cm.