Words on drawing 

Words on drawing 
September 11, 2019 amanda

To coincide with the first exhibition featuring some of her drawings, an in-focus conversation with Amanda Ansell has been published by Contemporary British Drawing. Contemporary British Drawing addresses the practice of drawing in all its forms and explores and promotes current trends through exhibitions and discussions.

The dialogue hones in on the intimate drawing routine which Amanda has developed over the last few years alongside her painting practice. Amanda reveals that she has “started to identify the drawings as being a part of the whole process of making and the drawings are taking on a developing role.”

She continues, “Taking these initial marks, I introduce some additional lines, forms and shapes. Much the same as with my paintings, I have an idea of what the character and direction of line is, and what I’m trying to represent from what I’ve seen. Then I select what to rub out, replace or slightly amend. I might go over the same line many times, which I also do in my paintings. There is a process of seeing, recording, refining, going back in, refining once more, and then completing.”  

The full conversation can be found by visiting Contemporary British Drawing, click here. 

The group show exhibiting new drawings by Amanda Ansell is titled, ‘Just One More Thing’ at Asylum Studios Gallery, Suffolk. The exhibition opens on 20th September 2019.

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